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1EV Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Executive Trunk Spoiler

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Introducing the Tesla Model 3 Executive Trunk Spoiler in pre-preg Gloss and Matte Carbon Fiber! Subtle and sporty with a little kick up top! 

True to the 1EV brand, this spoiler is easy to install with the best fitment for any Model 3 trunk spoiler.

Attaches with double sided tape that is already adhered to the spoiler!

How to Install Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler:

1. Clean your Model 3 Trunk Hatch (remove all dirt and debris). A cleaner trunk will allow for better adhesion and prevent your spoiler from detaching from the trunk hatch. As a precaution, remove all jewelry or any objects from your hands and wrists that may scratch your vehicle or trunk spoiler.


2. Print the Installation Template provided below in Landscape Mode. Print at 100% or "Actual Size." Cut out each Template and place on to your trunk. 

Download Here!


3. Place the Templates on your Model 3 Trunk


4. Test Fit your Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler by placing between the Templates. When properly installed, the spoiler should not be able to move left or right easily.


5. Remove the red 3M tape film.


6. Place your Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler on your trunk between the templates. After pressing firmly and securely installing your spoiler, remove the Installation Templates. Enjoy your sportier and more aggressive Model 3!